Integrated Energy Therapy  -  I had heard about this for years. Kripalu Center for yoga and healing offered exactly that. I was hesitant to try it because I doubted if it would really work. It shifted my whole life and released every kind of emotional pain, trauma, and abuse from my energy field. The shifts after a session are very effective. 

Session is 45-55 minutes    $74 per session or buy 3 sessions for $205

Thai Massage (Body Work) - This is my favorite type of massage. It is pretty deep and resets the skeleton, meaning it solves the issue of improperly aligning bones. This treatment is powerful and great for shoulders, neck, hips, knees, feet, lower back, and any other pain you may have,         60 minutes - $80             90 minutes - $120

Color Puncture  Facials -  These treat the lines, creases, and skin by resetting your whole being. Light therapy is used in a treatment facial.   It treats the condition on a deeper level than just the lines.  Reset the attitudes  behind the expressions you are making.  Example all expressions are bases on your whole being.  If you get " work done on your face" and you don't change the expression you make, nothing will change.   If you just treat the wrinkles you have a never ending battle.    Go with in and your skin looks smooth, radiant and glowing.     75.00 introduction  first time client      Strongly recommend a series of 4-6 treatments for visible benefits.   Packages available 

YOGA Private Lessons or Private Classes   I can come to your space, or you can come to mine.  If you come to mine, you have less distractions.  

Workshops   Motivational workshops for YOGA, all different varieties.  

Corporate YOGA events, private parties, or  group settings.      

IET Group Empowerment Sessions.    Very powerful setting, for healing.  IET is done with intention and meditation in a group setting.   Just as effective as a private session, just fewer points worked on.   price varies 

NUMEROLOGY READINGS -OR TAROT READINGS - see my web site  Brit's Got Your Number for this