Read this carefully.. I am offering a series for tuesday nights  (this will  be separate from punch cards you might currently be using)  All are welcome.  This will be a Tuesday night summer series    Cindy Yaple RYT 200 RYT 500 

This summer yoga series is designed to teach you all the practices and techniques used in Infinite Light Yoga classes. Whether you are a beginner to yoga, or are already an experienced practitioner looking for a deeper understanding of the practices of yoga, then this summer series is for you! You will learn breathing techniques (Pranayama), the techniques and practices of meditation (Dhyana), yoga postures (asana) using press-points and anatomical alignment to find what works best for your body, as well as the practice of relaxation (Yoga Nidra). Infinite Light Yoga blends the wisdom of yoga with the science of exercise to create both an educational and experiential practice. These Yoga classes are designed for every-body regardless of age, level of ability, or physical condition.

Cindy Yaple will be teaching it. 

Investment: $55     The dates will be July 11, 25,  Aug 1, 8, 15  Time is 5:00-6:00

Please email me if you are definite and want to attend..  NO PUNCH cards, this is a separate series.

 Is my new Yoga brand, trademark.  Eventually all sites will go to that one. I am working on merging everything, It will take a few months.

I will start a NEW! Teacher training as soon as I have a new group ready to roll.

Drop in price is $15.00     Punch card with an expiration date is $108.00  The cards expire quickly 12 weeks.

If you attended 10 classes and paid the drop in price of $15.00 it  would be $150.00.   It is a huge savings, at 10 classes for $108.00  but it comes with a string attached , an  expiration date.   So definitely drop in, or buy the card knowing it expires.  The Solution is make a commitment and come regularly.  I will have subs,  other teachers, in my absence.    Don't stress 

I like keeping my prices low, but I need your help in doing this.  Do not ask me to extend your card past 12 weeks. 

The space is a beautiful classic building. Steampunk Era.   In the time of people "repurposing things" this building is a great example.  Bring a sweater, or shawl.  It can be chilly.  Shorts and no sleeves might not be a good thing in the winter.  

Please sign in pay for the class before we start class. If your card is due, or you are doing a drop in.  I am trying to grow into a bigger space, and this will help it run smoother.   Thank you so much. 

Schedule in East Greenbush

monday -6 :00  - 7:15   all levels with Kundalini meditation  

wed   6:00- 7:15    Steam punk Yoga  a mixture of lovely things. 

Thursday nights 6:00-7:00 pm Hatha yoga 

Saturday   9:30-10:45      Steampunk  Yoga, a mixture or blend.  Very fun

Sunday 10:00-11:15          Kripalu, Steampunk or Hatha 

Come and check it out!!  It is a beautiful space, it is the most beautiful yoga space I have ever taught in.  The light, and clear energy in the room is very serene.

    Currently I am offering both styles of yoga  Hatha and Kundalini.   Pretty much all YOGA regardless of the name is Hatha Yoga based.  Kundalini is separate, and very unique  and expansion for me, an evolution of sorts.  I love teaching YOGA regardless of the style or lineage. Try Both, and definitely try Kundalini more than once before you decide.  Kundalini Yoga is geared for active busy people that want the maximum benefit and result in the least amount of time.   Kundalini works on 10 bodies and the chakras, or energy wheels.  It also works on the glandular systems.  Kundalini Yoga is extremely beneficial for calming, or neutralizing  a busy mind.  Kundalini works FAST, you will notice visible changes in your life and your whole being.   Watch the movie "Awake the Story of Yoganada" on Netflix.  You will understand Kundalini Yoga, and the whole concept about energy moving up the spine.  Netflix gives you one month free trial 

Steampunk Yoga has its own web site

Kindly check the East Greenbush site.