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BritYOGA are all levels yoga classes, also known as The SteampunkYoga.  

All levels yoga classes

Yoga should not be overly complicated. Each person has a unique body, history, and different fitness levels.

My classes are completely doable for anyone. I will help you find what works, and ways to perform different poses. The poses are just something to do while you're breathing. The yoga breath is the priority and the unique feature that separates yoga from being just another fitness class. Breathing is pivotal when doing poses. I teach various forms of breathing. Eventually, you will learn and be able to effectively perform all of them. 

brittany johnson

I have taught thousands of yoga classes, and enjoyed every class. I love new people and the identity they give to the class. My current yoga students are wonderful and I am very lucky to have such faithful participants. 

I am certified in many things, and a Master Level IET practitioner, inspired by Ze'ev Kolman, a world renowned bioenergetic healer.  He has helped me and inspired me to become the person I am today.

I recently started designing yoga tops called "Badass Warrior Wear." The theme behind this collection is about being brave and having the courage to go far beyond your comfort zone and realign with your souls purpose.       


yoga should be fun

Yoga should not be intimidating or overly serious. Yoga is wonderful for your body and cleanses any negative thoughts you may have. Yoga makes you strong in your upper body, lower body, and most importantly, your mind.  It is fantastic for looking young and keeping your joints healthy. It can be highly calorie burning.  

Yoga is also very relaxing, mind cleansing, and can teach you about life. The things you learn in yoga, can be utilized in all areas of your life.