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BritYOGA  are All levels YOGA classes, and also The SteampunkYoga.  

All levels yoga classes

Yoga should not be overly complicated.  Each person has a unique body, history, and different fitness levels.

My classes are completely doable for anyone. I will help you find what works, and ways to do YOGA.  The poses are just something to do while your breathing.  The YOGA breath is the priority and is the unique feature that separates YOGA from being just another fitness class.   Breathing is more important than  YOGA poses.  I teach lots of variations of breathe.  Eventually you will learn a few of them. 

brittany  johnson

I have taught thousands of YOGA  classes, and enjoyed every single class. I have taught every kind of person imaginable.  I love new people and the mystery they bring to class.   My current yoga members are wonderful and I am very lucky to have such faithful participants. 

I am certified in many things, and a Master Level IET practitioner.  A while back,  I wrote a book, and I  have sold and marketed many things.  From my past business career,  it is very easy  for me to relate to " stress " and having a  busy life.  I also think each of us has a souls mission, a true  souls path, and I know how hard it can be to find it.   I recently started designing YOGA tops "BadAss Warrior Wear" the theme behind the  collection is about being Brave.  Having the courage to go far beyond your comfort zone and realign with your souls purpose.      I love chanting,  my beautiful  kids, remaining humble, and teachable. 


yoga should be fun

Yoga should not be intimidating or overly serious.   The breathe should always be more interesting that a pose.  Yoga is wonderful for your body.   Yoga makes your strong all over, upper body and lower body.  It is fantastic for looking young,  and keeping your  joints healthy.   It can be highly calorie burning.  Ask me about this.   

Yoga is also super calming, centering and it teaches you about life.  The things you learn in YOGA,  are usable   in all areas of your life.  In fact, If what you learn in YOGA  is not teaching you things in life, then  basically it's a waste of time.  I also believe that if the Yoga class did not mention breath or meditation it is incomplete.